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I am Jack's broken heart. But don't get any idea's, as I am also Jack's utter hatred for emo kids.


Hi, I'm Joy. 

 So we're all tired of the shitty webcam excuse the ugly photoshoppers use, but the fact is, I don't have a job, and didn't want to waste a lot of money on a webcam...this one cost around 20$, so if you can make out that there is in fact a human in any of these, you shouldn't bitch. 'Kay, thanks.

Classic scene face.

My attention span, which I might add is that of a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.

My head.

Good this one time, my best friend and I got into Dillenger, The Locust and Your enemies friends for $5 while everyone esle paid $20 because the scalpers hit on us. Thus the Dillnger shirt, which owns your soul.

I made this shirt. It reads Micheal Moore for president. Though I wouldn't really want him for president, what with his whacked Canadian political views, I enjoy his documentaries, and he, like myself hates Bush. But I bet you most of you guys don't know about Micheal Moore's political views, and you just hate Bush because your friends do, but whatever.

I didn't see anything about bands, political oppinions, or middle names on the application directory, so I assume I'm finished here. Feel free to ask me any of those things, though.

Thank you<3

x o

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i hate the room behind you.. i say no because you're a fag
Oh give it a rest, the community's dead, and you're a fucking idiot: an unnattractive fucking idiot; a painfully lame fucking idiot.

but thanks anyways.
okay, im sorry, but [you] applied here, no one forced you to. so, just shut up, leave, stop crying. scrape the sand from your clit and get on with your life.
Okay, that was stupid, I'm over it, just wondering, is anyone going to vote besides yourself, or can I delete this shit?
i say yes because you are cute and you give Chady attitude.

<3 emily
yay, friends?

you should really watch what you write, your offending peeps by saying nigger