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I am Jack's broken heart. But don't get any idea's, as I am also Jack's utter hatred for emo kids.


Hi, I'm Joy. 

 So we're all tired of the shitty webcam excuse the ugly photoshoppers use, but the fact is, I don't have a job, and didn't want to waste a lot of money on a webcam...this one cost around 20$, so if you can make out that there is in fact a human in any of these, you shouldn't bitch. 'Kay, thanks.

Classic scene face.

My attention span, which I might add is that of a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.

My head.

Good this one time, my best friend and I got into Dillenger, The Locust and Your enemies friends for $5 while everyone esle paid $20 because the scalpers hit on us. Thus the Dillnger shirt, which owns your soul.

I made this shirt. It reads Micheal Moore for president. Though I wouldn't really want him for president, what with his whacked Canadian political views, I enjoy his documentaries, and he, like myself hates Bush. But I bet you most of you guys don't know about Micheal Moore's political views, and you just hate Bush because your friends do, but whatever.

I didn't see anything about bands, political oppinions, or middle names on the application directory, so I assume I'm finished here. Feel free to ask me any of those things, though.

Thank you<3

x o

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